Dream Diary: meeting Mike & leaving my baggage with Stewart…

I was walking round a town/city with my mum shopping and exploring. We had decided to go on the beach – I was trying to decide what to take/wear.

Whilst out I needed the toilet. I parked the car then needed to move it again. I queued for a toilet which looked like a portoloo. There were about four. When one opened I saw it was so small and enclosed I didn’t want to go in. I rejoined my mum to find somewhere else.

I met a man called ‘Mike’ (no one I know from real life) who I liked in the crowds. I kissed him.

Next I was at Stewarts house making a cake. His wife was out /away. I was mixing ingredients in a plastic bowl to make cake batter. No matter how hard I mixed, it didn’t look right, the ingredients began to look more like raw mince. I was there with a girlfriend. Stewart was annoyed, that was supposed to be his dinner. I said I would give him £10 to buy something else for dinner. He said fine if I got it. I refused. We were sat on a huge table of people having a party while his wife way away. His neighbour came round ( also boss of the pub he worked in in the dream) She had a moustache.

All the guests started to leave, and more people began to walk part the table. I recognised ‘Mike’ and was very pleased to see him. We smiled at each other. He stopped to kiss me. We left together, but then I realised I had left my bags at Stewart’s house so we went back for them. I found them.

I was with a friend who worked at a department store. She stopped to put her valuables in the till drawer. I asked if u could put my bags in there too. Then I was there with Anna Br. She spotted an old lady who was a famous person and went to greet her. The lady was grumpy and said ‘don’t call me Cat’


Dream diary: Teeth falling out

A few of my teeth fell out. I held one in my hand to take a closer look. I could see a close up scientific cross section of the tooth and saw that the reason it had fallen out was that the root had died or was frozen. I remarked on this to my mother who was present. I realised that there was no blood because everything was frozen, and became anxious that as soon as everything unfroze I would start to bleed profusely.

I found a device that could temporarily seal the gaps left by my teeth so I wouldn’t bleed to death when my blood unfroze. I felt it working with feelings like one has at the dentist – the feeling of a dentist working on your teeth. During the fixing I did bleed, but had a feeling of the wounds being patched up.

Next I had a conversation with my mother about our options for fixing the damage. It would cost ‘five’ to fix (I remember wondering whether this was five hundred thousand? Fifty thousand? This didn’t sound like much but my mother was implying we did not have this kind of money) the options were to do nothing (this would cost ‘five’), or to call the Producer (TV producer ) and agree to take part in a documentary in order to get my teeth fixed.

I looked in the mirror but couldn’t face looking directly at the gaps. A man came to help (The Dentist?) He told me not to worry and invited my to look at his teeth. He was a good looking man but when I looked at his teeth they were missing or rotten. “See,” he said, “it doesn’t have to be perfect.”